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yoru_no_ouji's Journal

Les Princes de la Nuit
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Welcome to Yoru no Ouji !

What's that ? It's just Kima (kimadourden) and Nighty (nighty_sha) icons & graphics community. Since we don't accept members (cause this place is only for our works, sorry) you can watch this community to see our updates if you like our work~ ^^

So... now here's the boring part that no one will read : the rules.

Kima's rules :

- Comment if you take something or just like what you see !

- I would be very thankful if you credit me if you're going to use my icons. (credit to kimadourden, eli_stardust or yoru_no_ouji, I don't care.)
You don't know how to credit ? Oh it's simple, just like this :

Nighty's rules :

- Credit is nice but not required as long as you leave a comment (or as long as you don't claim my works as yours.)
BUT I'll ask you to credit me if you're goinf to use one of my scan-colored-by-myself-manga icons. (like
this one) I don't like to ask for credit but I spent hours on these icons...

- Comment is loved~ ♥

- Don't hotlink please.

And the most important rule, of course : ENJOY !

- Credits for brushes and textures :
ohfreckle lady_corsair fadeastride
lasciviae cdg merely_anger
pixar_eve _hakanaidreams ashke_icons
hydrogen ladyheatherlly dearest
tynyxicons sharpfragments eowyn
killanidea cala_jane subwaay
rebeccama 77words fadeto
unmasked_icons neke anoldloveletter
arisubox ewanism hexicons
ianthinae tragic_icons iris_elegance
ghost_of_light colortone fearher
meleada mish18

fks_graphics brokenicon zinzibar fuyuno

- Affiliates :

Paper Cut

(Want to be one ? Just comment one of our posts to ask~ )